What Is It?

Adventure. Community Living. Spiritual Growth. Learning. Discipleship. Worship. Life. There is not a simple way to describe what can happen when you give nine months of your life to run after what God has for you, and to grow in your ability to serve others. Cape Breton’s Discipleship Adventure gives young adults an opportunity to experience all of this in one of the world’s most scenic locations.

Who Are We?

Our Discipleship Adventure was launched as a partnership between Lighthouse of Cape Breton (A church planting ministry), Youth for Christ, and Undercurrent Youth Centres. The Discipleship Adventure is an interdenominational program and is for youth and young adults of all denominations between the ages of 18-25. Our community homes are located in Glace Bay, NS, but our ministry operates in several community in Cape Breton.

Why Be Part of the Discipleship Adventure?

There are many incredible ministry experiences across Canada, and each offer unique opportunities for those involved. We also have several focus areas that all those involved will be part of. Here are our core values.

We are Church Starters and we want to inspire, involve, and equip others to go into unreached communities to start new communities of faith.

We believe in Entrepreneurial Faith Filled Leadership that dreams, risks, and becomes light and hope in every area.

We believe in life transforming Discipleship. Together we will be go on a journey of spiritual growth through times of worship, prayer, teaching, and becoming involved with discipling others.

We have a focus on Youth Ministry. First, we believe that Jesus purposely choose a group of young people, known as the disciples, to pour His life into and send out to change the world. Now, we are called to invest in you so you can live out your calling.

We are Worshippers. Cape Breton has a rich history based in music and the arts. As part of journey we will be engaged in various expressions of worship.

How to Apply?

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What will we do?

Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure is an life experience that consists of a time dedicated to spiritual formation, practical teaching, and ministry experience. Here are just a few highlights of what to expect.

Community Living

A big part of this experience is community living. For three years Jesus’ disciples talked, learned, and ministered together. We want all those involved to be part of learning the dynamics of interacting with others on a daily basis. Together, with a group of friends, we will learn, grow, and do significant things for God. As a ministry we have been extremely blessed and have two great centres and a ministry mansion called Abbey By’e the Sea located right on the the Atlantic Ocean.

Outdoor Adventure

Cape Breton is called one of the most beautiful Island in the world. Together we will experience how Cape Breton ‘declares the Glory of God’ as we stand on mountain tops, explore coast lines, take in sunsets in stunning ocean views, and so much more. Bring some hiking boots.

Undercurrent Youth Centres

On a weekly basis, Undercurrent runs programs for hundreds of youth, many at risk, in several locations. This gives us the opportunity to involve, and create leaders, who will volunteer or work with youth in the future.

Accredited Academic Courses

Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure is not an accredited Bible College or University. Instead we want to help students move towards an education at a College / University of their choosing. All those involved with the Discipleship Adventure need to be enrolled at one of the Canadian Bible Colleges or Universities in there online / correspondence programs.

These include places like Global University, Kingswood University, and Master’s College and Seminary. We will make these connections possible but all participants will register as a student of these schools. We do ask that everyone take a minimum of at least two courses while part of the Discipleship Adventure.

* For more information visit www.globaluniversity.ca

Travelling Ministry

We are involved with events, outreach, and ministry in several locations in the Maritimes and Ontario. We will be traveling to youth groups, youth centres, YFC conferences, the Canadian Youth Workers Conference, and to several churches to serve, speak, lead in worship times and do community outreach.

Overseas Ministry Opportunity (optional)

We offer the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of our annual Missions trips. During the year our team will work together to help raise funds for all those wanting to be part of this trip.


Costs and Information

The Discipleship Adventure runs from September 12, 2018 til May 22, 2019. There is a twelve day break over Christmas.

Our goal is to remove financial barriers so every student can have the chance to take part in a program like this and not go into debt. We are helping to do this in several ways. The expenses for the discipleship adventure are broken into three parts.

First, are the Bible College courses. The expense for these will be determined by what each individual student chooses. For example, two courses through Global will cost as little as $1160. This cost is handle by participants directly with whatever College / University they use.

Second, is housing. The cost for the entire time will be $3200 per student to cover all housing expenses. Room, heat, lights, internet, etc.

Third, is the actual program. Here is where we are really trying to make things affordable. In 2018 / 19 we are not charging for the program. Yes it will be free.

This means participants only expenses are housing and whatever courses you choose.

However, there is even more. Both or centres hire students to do rentals / cleaning on a weekly basis and we are giving everyone an opportunity to make some funds while part of the program. Also, as long as it can fit within your program hours, students can hold a part-time job.

*All participants will be involved with Lighthouse, Undercurrent, and Youth for Christ ministry. There is a participant covenant all those involved must read and sign.

What Is Not Included:

Meals – Students are responsible for their own food and food prep. Each student will be given space in the pantry and kitchen to keep their own food. Students will also work together to prepare meals for the group. There are many meals done at our ministry centres every week and students can eat at those meals at no cost.

Mission Trip. Our students will have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of our annual Missions trips. Students will be able to go at a reduced cost. During the year our team will work together to help all students who want to take part to raise the funds to go.

When Are Funds Due?

To complete our application process students will make a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold a spot. This deposit will be put towards the housing expense. $500 is then due 30 days before the program starts and the remainder on the first day of the program. We also will help students come up with a financial plan if they need additional time.


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