ReStart Youth Ministry Conference

With Special ministry guests Eldon Wright, Sheldon Macleod, Natasha Devito, Byron Toth, Jenny Eisan, and joining us by Video is Laura Bronson, Iona Snair, Sid Koop, and Jeremy MacDonald. Also we have a worship team from Master’s College and Seminary with us for the weekend.

ReStart – to resume (something, such as an activity) after interruption.

Without a ‘next generation’ every organization, including churches, fail to have a future.

The vast majority of churches in the Maritimes have a very low percentage of children and youth actively involved. Most churches have an aged population who do not have young children and youth. However, most people come to faith as children and youth (approx 90%)

What does this mean? We have an incredible opportunity. While it may be impossible to grow a youth ministry from a church that has no youth attending, it is certainly possible to grow a children’s, youth, and family ministry from the communities we live in.

ReStart Youth Ministry Conference Purpose

(1) We want to encourage and share how to you, your ministry, and Church can ReStart youth ministry in your church and community.

(2) We recognize 95% of the children and youth workers presently helping at churches in the Maritimes are lay leaders / volunteers. This conference is not just for the paid / professional staff. We encourage you to come as a team of staff and volunteers.

This conference is sponsored by Lighthouse, Undercurrent Youth Centres, Youth for Christ, and we are glad to have the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Master’s College and Seminary, and Canadian Youth Workers Community as ministry partners.

For more info and announcements please join the FB event HERE

This event is open to youth, youth volunteers, and staff. The cost for the weekend, including 4 meals is $25 for adults and $15 for Youth.

Mar 6, 2020 at 6 PM – Mar 8, 2020 at 1:30 PM

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