Over the past years we have seen hundreds of students move into our community as they attend CBU and NSCC. We have opened a limited amount of rooms for to be available for rent for students who want to live in a Christian Community.

We have rooms for rent for $500 for a single person, and $300 for those who share a room (2 People Max). This includes internet, heat, lights, and access to the open areas of the house. These include the living room, dinning, room, study room, chapel, sitting areas, etc

The Abbey is located at 17 11th Street, in Glace Bay, over looking the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most unique and impressive homes in Cape Breton.

What do you need to know about the Abbey?

The Abbey is home to the Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure program. It is a ministry program run by Lighthouse Church and YFC Canada. All residents share the responsibilty of cleaning and caring for the property. It is also our goal to create a healthy community that is respectful, caring, and full of laughter.

As a home that is part of a Christian community we do ask all those living at the Abbey, as staff, Cape Breton Disicpleship Adventure participants, or students renting rooms to sign a community covenant.

Abbey By’e the Sea Covenant includes;

Residents must strive to live in healthy community. We ask that everyone show respect and patience with those living in the house. There will be weekly community meals, worship, and devotional times that all residents are invited to be a part of.

The chapel is to be used only for worship, discussion, Bible study, and community time. This space is a technology free zone.

All residents will work together to keep all common areas clean. This includes the entire property, both inside and out. Special attention must be paid to the kitchen and dining room as they must be kept sanitary for food prep. All personal items must be kept in your own rooms.

All residents are required to keep their personal space clean.This includes your rooms, fridges, freezers, and food storage areas. Any damage to your room, or the property, must be reported to one of the YFC Staff.

For those paying rent. Payment is always due before the 1st of the month. It can be paid in cash or by email money transfer.

Residents are not allowed to have members of the opposite sex in there personal rooms.The Abbey has many common areas where people can gather in small or larger groups, and also have limited privacy.

Residents are asked to report any major issues with the property immediately to a staff member.

If there is a minor issue with another resident, or team member, first try to resolve this together. If there is no resolution, or still concern, please speak with one of the staff members. We are committing to healthy conflict resolution and avoiding gossip, unforgiveness, and fighting.

The Abbey is an alcohol and drug free area.

Those who decide not to follow through with the House Covenant will be asked to leave the Abbey. However, our goal is to open up this home for a few students who are looking to be part of a Christian Community Home.

If interested please contact Nirev.