What We Do?

Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure is an life experience that consists of a time dedicated to spiritual formation and youth ministry experience. Here are just a few highlights of what to expect.

Community Living

A big part of this experience is community living. For three years Jesus’ disciples talked, learned, and ministered together. We want all those involved to be part of learning the dynamics of interacting with others on a daily basis. Together, with a group of friends, we will learn, grow, and do significant things for God. As a ministry we have been extremely blessed and have two great centres and a student mansion called Abbey By’e the Sea located right on the the Atlantic Ocean.

Outdoor Adventure

Cape Breton is called one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. Together we will experience how Cape Breton ‘declares the Glory of God’ as we stand on mountain tops, explore coast lines, take in sunsets in stunning ocean views, and so much more. Bring some hiking boots.

Undercurrent Youth Centres

On a weekly basis, Undercurrent runs programs for hundreds of youth, many at risk. This gives us the opportunity to involve, and create leaders, who will volunteer or work with youth in the future.

Travelling Ministry

We are consistently involved with events, outreaches, and ministry in several locations in the Maritimes and Ontario. We will be traveling to youth groups, youth centres, YFC conferences, the Canadian Youth Workers Conference, and to several churches to serve, speak, lead in worship, and do community outreach.

Overseas Ministry Opportunity (optional)

We offer the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of our annual Missions trips. During the year our team will work together to help raise funds for all those wanting to be part of this trip.