Abbey By’e The Sea

An unusual tail

I was having a conversation with Laura Bronson a few years ago about the ministry adventure we were starting for students. At the time we working on opening our new youth centre in Sydney and we had lots of time to talk as we were painting. Laura said, ‘you need a house. I will pray that you will get one.’ I laughed and just kept on working. We had been involved with serveral big renovation projects in the past few years and I could not even imagine about doing another.

I was sitting home three weeks later and my phone rang. A lady, who I did not know, was on the line asking if I wanted to come talk to her about something they coudl donate to our youth centre. This is not unusual as we have regular gifts of things to help with the youth we work with. It seems we get offers of Ping pong tables, and old TV’s on a weekly basis.

I drove to the address and walked into Vespers, which was a five star bed and breakfast located overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I was given a tour of this mansion and I was amazed at the workmanship and everything in it. I am not sure I had ever been in a building like this before.

As we made our way into the kitchen I was still wondering why I was there. This lady who I had never met before, and had no idea we were starting the discipleship adventure, turned to me and asked me if we had any use for the house. If we did, the family wanted to give us the property.

Sometimes I wish God always provided everything we need ahead of time. However, I have seen God provide what is needed many times as we step out in faith to do what He has called us to do. This has been another example of His faithfulness.

Today, this house, called ‘Abbey By’e the Sea’ is the residence for our staff and those involved with the Discipleship Adventure. It is here we learn to be a community of people dedicated to growing in faith and service.

There is still space for you.

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