David Sawler

Along with my wife, Shirley, and three kids, we moved back to Glace Bay in the summer of 2005. Shirley grew up in Glace Bay and I lived here much of my teenage years, as well as, in Sydney. Before living here we were in Oakville, ON where I was a youth / young adults minister and was mentorship program director.  Previously, we were working with youth in Windsor and Canning, NS.

For the past decade I have been involved with several studies, speaking, and writing about issues on youth ministry and the Church. However, my heart is in Cape Breton, and it is here where we take time to invest in the lives of many youth and young adults.

We are dedicated to seeing many new churches started here in Cape Breton, along with several more centres for youth. We are believing for community transformation, where this generation can grow up free of addiction, hoplessness, and despair which are prevalent in Cape Breton. Follow Dave on Instragram at www.instagram.com/davesawler

Some Semi Interesting Facts

Hobbies: Guitar, Drums, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Videographer

Movies:  Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Band of Brothers, Matrix

Favorite Things:  Steaks from the Keg, Pizza Buffets, Good Live Music, Chocolate Glazed Krispy Kream Donuts