Why Be Part?

This ministry is designed for those who are looking to grow in faith and gain experience in working with at risk youth. We want you to leave this year standing firm on the foundation of who God is and who you are in Christ.

The Discipleship Adventure is run in partnership with several amazing ministires. Youth for Christ, Lighthouse, and Undercurrent Youth Centres all work together to make this a unique experience. Here are a few things that we value alot.

We are Church Starters and we want to inspire, involve, and equip others to go into unreached communities to start new communities of faith.

We believe in Entrepreneurial Faith Filled Leadership that dreams, risks, and becomes light and hope in every area.

We believe in life transforming Discipleship. Together we will be go on a journey of spiritual growth through times of worship, prayer, teaching, and becoming involved with discipling others.

We have a focus on Youth Ministry. First, we believe that Jesus purposely choose a group of young people, known as the disciples, to pour His life into and send out to change the world. Now, we are called to invest in you so you can live out your calling.

We are Worshippers. Cape Breton has a rich history based in music and the arts. As part of journey we will be engaged in various expressions of worship.